Strip cutting roller patent

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June 8, K. Andreu, Greenfield, Wis. The present invention relates generally to improvements in the art of severing elongated coated stock into successive lengths and of removing the coatings from selectedv portions thereof, and relates more specifically to improvements in the construction and operation of insulated wire cutting and stripping apparatus for producing electrical conductors.

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This application is a continuation-in-part application of my copending application Ser. The present invention relates to a roller feed type insulated wire cutting and insulation stripping machine and more particularly it relates to improvements therein which provide for the cutting of an insulated wire into accurate lengths, positive and smooth feed and an efficient operation. Most of the conventional roller feed type insulated wire cutting and insulation stripping machines are composed of a feed mechanism section and an intended mechanism section.

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Original application filed October 9,Serial N 0. Divided and this application filed January 6, Serial No.

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In printing telegraph systems, received messages are printed on'a tape and fed from. One side of the tape'has a gummed surface, andby moistening this surface and applying pressure to the opposite side, the tape may be caused-toadhere to any suitable surface. The severed strips of tape are thus mounted one beneath-the other upon a receiving blank, for instance, and take the form. It is therefore desirable that the tape be sev-' ered as close as possible to the printer andthat such severed tape be'mounted in mes-- sage form as expeditiously as possible.

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With the former the pieces of paste are cut to shape from the rolled out dough by pressing the cutter thereon whereas the roller is rolled over the dough to produce the shapedpieces. Both methods are open to objections. The cutting out with the aid.

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Effective date : Year of fee payment : 4. Roller pair for tensioning strands of filter material in the manufacture of cigarette filters with a first roller made of metal which is rotatably driven by a drive and a second roller of which the surface consists of a resilient material, the two rollers being mounted on one side on a frame or the like and the second roller being pivotally mounted about a horizontal axis perpendicular to its longitudinal axis, away from the first roller and towards the latter, and an actuation device for pivoting the second roller, the second roller able to be driven by a drive via a second drive shaft and an articulated shaft and being mounted such that the size of the gap between the rollers can be altered along its length to adapt to the thickness of the material.

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Effective date : One example embodiment includes body-adhesive kinesiology tape. The body-adhesive kinesiology tape includes a strip of kinesiology tape.

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Gusfqfs 0n a. This invention relates to improvements in cutters, and has particular reference to a cutter for cutting foods such as bakers dough, or any other similar commodity. The principal object of this invention is to provide a plurality of cutters which may be regulated as to distances apart, in order that strips of material may be readily out thereby, all of which strips will be of a uniform width.

An improvement in a continuous rolling mill for forming flat steel strip into tubing. The improvement is a strip preparation station including upper and lower composite roller systems. Each system has end rollers which define a pass path for the strip.


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