Small strip aircraft stol

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Air Force and the U. The test landing is a precursor to Exercise Swift Response 15, which will occur at Hohenfels in August. Matthew D.

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Because of its stellar short-field capabilities, the stands as one of the few kitplanes to serve in the sort of serious utility roles usually reserved for larger airplanes such as the Helio Courier, Piper Super Cub, Maule or Aviat Husky. That includes missionary and utility work in third world countries as well as cattle herding, fence patrol and crop dusting. When the only runway is a cleared patch in the jungle, and the alternative is a week of hiking through snake-infected swamps, the starts to look pretty good.

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Running parallel to and between two sharp turns in the Deschutes River—deep in a narrow canyon—Bull Run is barely discernable as a landing strip. The tan summer grass blends into the reddish beige earth of the canyon. As it should.

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Sport Utility. Building Info. Kit Info.

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The Aircraft Spotlight feature normally looks at an airplane type and evaluates it across six areas of particular interest to flying clubs and their members: Operating Cost, Maintenance, Insurability, Training, Cross-Country, and Fun Factor. This month we are doing something a bit different. Instead of highlighting one aircraft, we will provide some basic information about some characteristics to look for in a good backcountry airplane.

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Back to news. The M28 is a proven, tough and reliable aircraft that can operate in some of the toughest environments with minimal support. It has the possibility of short takeoff and landing, the best in its class.

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Owing to the limited road system, one of the most common methods of getting around Alaska is by light aircraft. According to sources, there is one airplane for every sixty people who live in Alaska. For many people, that's not a bad deal considering the sheer exhilaration it is to fly over remote wilderness where there are no shopping malls, no roads and no signs of human habitation.

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View Full Version : Is farm strip flying good for you? Not half! With displaced thresholds, obstructed approaches, occasional soft ground and very often, a first time absence of visual cues, it can feature a high work load.

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First up, any aeroplane can achieve impressive short field performance if you give it enough power. So as a rather more practical alternative you could just install a more powerful engine. However, big engines are expensive, heavy and thirsty, so most designers look for other ways of achieving the STOL goal.

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This is a list of the shortest airport runways in the world. While most modern commercial aircraft require a paved runway of at least feet in length, many early aircraft were designed to operate from unprepared strips that could be improvised in small spaces. Los Angeles's Grand Central Airportconsidered a landmark in aviation history, had a foot runway during its first six years of operation from to


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