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Citing a trio of recent studies, a report in The Guardian links better sex with being a lesbian. T wo of the three studies include sexual demographics that clearly point to an overall better sexual experience for women who have sex with women. A third study conducted by Health England presented in the piece showed that half of those surveyed between the ages of did not seem to enjoy their sex lives.

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There's no shame in watching porn, right? Seriously, lots of women do it. Surprising, right?

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One question that has been plaguing the minds of men and women everywhere is just what is it that turns women on? Does it have to do with the jawline of a man, his facial hair, or even his body type? And what about a personality can make a woman hot for a man?

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Sometimes they contradict each other. For example, when it comes to women, there's the porn trope that women, even straight women, are always down to hook up with each other, like when they're bored and there's no man around. Then there's the kind of opposite assumption that any woman who identifies as straight has never been attracted to or hooked up with a woman.

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As a kid, I'd always had boyfriends here and there. I'd sometimes thought I might like girls but never gave it that much consideration until I was 17 and fooled around with a woman. It definitely wasn't great because we didn't know what we were doing, so it was more like us just touching boobs and making out, but it was still cool.

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Photo by Stocksy. In this weekly advice column, Psalm brings her expertise to sexual and relationship issues most people face at one time or another. I am a year-old woman and have a wonderful sex life with my partner.

D o lesbians have better sex than heterosexual women? Oh my God, yes! Women who sleep with women repeatedly report higher levels of sexual satisfaction in surveys and studies than women who have sex with men.

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I have only ever had romantic encounters with men, save for a few teenage pashes with gal pals purely for the novelty of it. I know I am straight — I am totally attracted to men and enjoy sex with them — but as I get a bit older I am interested in exploring my sexuality, and that includes sexual experiences with women. My question is, how should I go about this? I adjusted my settings on dating apps for a while, to include men and women, but I felt really disingenuous.

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You identity as a straight woman—but enjoy lesbian porn. So, if you identify as straight, why the attraction to same-sex porn? In fact, lots of women develop a healthy and consistent self-pleasure practice —aka a masturbation routine—from watching same-sex porn.

Illustration by Eleanor Doughty. Matt didn't know it was possible for a girl to have a dick before the model pictured in his Hustler -esque mag drew seven inches. She had slipped in unannounced between the magazine's other, more typical spreads.


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