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The rulers of Aquarius ascendant are Saturn and Uranus. These two planets have an opposite yet complementary influence. Uranus makes you impulsive and individualistic, while Saturn makes you behave in a timid but well-controlled manner.

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It's easy to see astrology as a complete hoax, especially when you're not familiar with your natal chart, rising sign, or the general meaning of the astrological houses, considering they each play a significant role in our lives. Now, the million dollar question is, what house if your rising sign in? This is because it is a symbol of your personality, appearance, and the overall theme of your cosmic footprint.

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They are our eyes; they are how we see life. In other words, they are how we are dressed. They are delicate dresses, and sometimes they act as shields for us.

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If Aquarius is your "Rising Sign" aka "Ascendant". Your Rising Sign is the sign that rules your 1st House cusp. If I wrote your chart, there is a graphic at the beginning of this Natal Chart that will show you where your Ascendant is located. Because Aquarius is on your 1st House cusp, you would take on the nature, characteristics and tendencies of Aquarius in this particular house.

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Oct 19, AstrologyStar School. In technical terms, the Ascendant is the time the Sun was rising in the sky at the time you were born. In astrology terms, this symbolizes the face you present to the world.

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The most interesting thing in life is wanting to learn about ones sexuality and also those of others that we are interested in. There are those who love to put on sexy lingerie, light candles and turn on some music before making love. Others are more conservative and love having a dark room before going under the covers and unleashing their passion.

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I love sharing what I know about alternative medicine, health, frugal living, fun, animals, and how to live a better life! Many people familiar with astrology know that the sun sign, also known as a star sign, is the position within the Zodiac that the Sun resided at their time of birth. A sun sign will depict a generalized set of personality traits for people born under its influence.

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The love winds will flow far and wide when these two air signs stumble upon each other! The Libra Aquarius compatibility is strong on many levels and their bond might go the distance if nurtured with care by both the sides. Libra, like its symbol, is a sign that dwells on striking the perfect balance between anything and everything in life. Those under Libra zodiac are gentle, even-tempered and harmonious in their manners and personality.

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Aries: You look powerful and sexy, with an edge of passion and intimidation. Cancer: You have an almost unearthly beauty to you. Even on your worst days, there is something angelic about you.

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The physical characteristics of Aries are often quite obvious, perhaps because this sign is the first of the zodiac wheel. But take note, these will hold true if an individual has a strong presence of Aries in their birth chart, and an Aries appearance can also be produced by a prominent Moon in Aries or if Aries is the rising sign. Aries Sun sign individuals come in all shapes, colors, and sizes, so when trying to spot the distinguishing physical characteristics of Ariesyou should begin with the body part that Aries rules.


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