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July 14 marks the th birthday of writer-director Ingmar Bergmanwhom Variety declared on Nov. But Bergman does it. Ever since the early silent films, directors and producers have often put a personal stamp on studio fare; the post-WWII Italian neorealist directors created intimate studies of life in post-war Europe, often using street shooting and non-professional actors.

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The Nudity of the Visage. Ingmar Bergman and Persona. The Swedish director creates, by virtue of an objective lyricism, a fundamental correspondence between the cinematograph and the idea of visage.

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Sign in. In the mid-'50s she made her stage debut and in made her film debut. She really became successful, however, when she began to work for Swedish director Ingmar Bergman in such films as PersonaThe Passion of Anna and Face to Face

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Before her film adaptation of the August Strindberg play Miss Julie debuted at September's Toronto film festival, Liv Ullmann screened it for a few viewers. One, after the credits rolled, turned to the director and said solemnly, "I think Ingmar Bergman would be proud of that. There it is again.

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Liv Johanne Ullmann born 16 December [1] is a Norwegian actress and film director. She was one of the "muses" of Swedish director Ingmar Bergman. Ullmann began her acting career as a stage actress in Norway during the mids, she continued to act in theatre for most of her career, and became noted for her portrayal of Nora in Henrik Ibsen 's play A Doll's Housebut became better known once she started to work with Swedish movie director Ingmar Bergman.

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It told the life story, in flashback and voice-over in an article being prepared for a women's magazineof jet-setting Italian princess Diana Scott Best Actress Oscar-winning Julie Christie living at an Italian villa after marrying a prince. She had an upper middle-class upbringing, and grew up spoiled because she was always considered a beautiful "darling. A carefree, hedonistic London Swinging 60s amoral fashion model and playgirl after being discovered on the street by a reporter, the cool, emancipated beauty was married to immature Tony Bridges Trevor Rowen - it was a failed marriage he sought an official divorce in the midst of the many affairs she was having - during which time she met and fell in love with married, cultured, hard-working television journalist Robert Gold Dirk Bogarde.

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For the sixth time Josephson and Ullmann played together in a Bergman film. Please do click on the image to enlarge it. Sunday, May 20, Dunkirk Bio Rex 70 mm.

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This was a movie, after all, and even infilm makers knew the commercial value of a perky decolletage. The scene was also historically accurate. Females of all species are provided with enough physical cues to attract mates, but this is ridiculous.

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The public are so much part of it. To see [everything] takes away so much. It would be beautiful.