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Several people are born with rare conditions and while some are tragic many can leave people stunned. An anonymous man first came under the spotlight on Reddit in when he revealed that he had a condition that left him with two penises. He has also written a book about diphallia which is a condition behind children born with two genitals that affects one in 5.

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A man who claims to have two penises has unveiled them — where else - on internet forum Reddit. Amid the flurry of questions, DDD said he had considered having one of his penises removed as a teenager, but was now happy with his condition. Some have freaked out, like, called me names.

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Diphalliapenile duplication PDdiphallic terataor diphallasparatusis an extremely rare developmental abnormality in which a male is born with two penises. When diphallia is present, it is usually accompanied by renalvertebralhindgutanorectal or other congenital anomalies. There is also a higher risk of spina bifida.

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Known only as Triple D, the year-old from the east coast of America claims to have had 1, sexual partners. According to a report by the BMJ - the global healthcare knowledge provider - one-in-five million males in the world are born this way. We agreed to keep his identity anonymous. It's rare that anyone does know.

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Though when Googling this you might stumble upon a slew of websites all spotlighting the same man who claims to have "diphallia" and goes by "DoubleDickDude," there is no actual medical evidence to realistically back this up. Even when consulting with two general practitioners and a urologist, we were unable to substantiate the claim. What IS possible, however, is that a man might have something known as "ambiguous genitalia," which is actually a thing and could possibly be misconstrued as a second penis.

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A US man was born with a rare condition which means that he has two penises - even more unusual, he says his are both ' percent fully functional'. Since gaining notoriety for his double endowment - the man has released a book called "Double Stuffed: Steamy Tales From My Love Life with Two Penises" and has had many requests from the porn industry - as you can imagine. But it's not something that he's ever done - when asked if he'd considered porn, he wrote: "Yes I did, a few years ago.

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Oh, and he's bisexual. I guess he really enjoys things that come in pairs. Also, it's impossible to tell this story without huge amounts of double entendres and puns.

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Please view with discretion. Two penises on one organism might sound pretty wild, but did you know it can occur on humans as well? About 1 in 5.

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Diphallia is a genetic condition present at birth in which a person has two penises. This rare condition was first written about in a report by the Swiss doctor Johannes Jacob Wecker when he encountered a cadaver exhibiting the condition in Diphallia only affects about 1 out of every 5—6 million baby boys.

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A year-old has published an e-book about his rare genetic condition called diphallia. The new year is already brimming with surprises. Warning: What follows here is sexually graphic. Among the queries: Are they the same size?


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