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The jury in the sentencing of Warren Jeffs heard final arguments from the prosection Monday - in which audio tape of Jeffs having sex with a 12 year old girl were played - before resting their case. Jeffs, 55, is head of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saintswhich believes polygamy brings exaltation in heaven. He was convicted last week of sexually assaulting two girls, ages 12 and 15, he took as brides in what his church calls "spiritual marriages.

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For them, it can sometimes mean two brides and a groom married in quick succession along with a string of others. The reality of polygamy in Mormon fundamentalist communities like Bountiful, B. Supreme Court trial where year-old Blackmore and James Oler, 53, stand accused of having illegally taken multiple wives.

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Skip to content. Polygamist church leader Warren Jeffs — accused of raping a year-old girl and impregnating year-old he'd taken as "spiritual wives" — is to continue his own defense after using his opening statements Wednesday to quote scripture at length, without once mentioning the charges against him. At one point, the man asked her how she feels, and a girl replies in a small voice, "I feel fine, thank you.

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An FBI agent testified that the audiotape, in which Jeffs is heard breathing heavily, preceded Jeffs having sex at the same time with all the girls, who were 15 and younger. Several jurors squirmed or wiped away tears during the sometimes-scratchy recording. The sentencing phase of his trial is expected to finish early this week. Jeffs boycotted his sentencing phase for a third straight day, but made a brief courtroom appearance Monday after being summoned by state District Judge Barbara Walther.

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CNN -- Court officials have released the chilling audiotapes that prosecutors say depict convicted child rapist Warren Jeffs training the girls he claimed were his "spiritual wives" to have sex with him. The audiotapes, that were key pieces of evidence in Jeffs' trial, brought some jurors to tears during Jeffs' trial. Last week, a Texas jury sentenced Jeffs to life in prison for aggravated sexual assault of a year-old girl and 20 years in prison for the sexual assault of a year-old girl.

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US prosecutors played an audio recording on Tuesday of a polygamist sect leader instructing his year-old "spiritual wife" on how to please him sexually, and thus please God. He is accused of sexually assaulting two girls, aged 12 and 15, he took as brides in "spiritual marriages". Warren Jeffs.

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SAN ANGELO, Texas — Prosecutors seeking life in prison for convicted polygamist leader Warren Jeffs closed their case with a final barrage of graphic audiotapes, records of 24 alleged underage brides and writings that ordered followers to "fight to the death" when police eventually came for him. The same jury that convicted Jeffs last week of sexually assaulting two of his child "brides" could now hand down their punishment early as Tuesday. Among the final pieces of evidence was an audiotape of Jeffs having sex and one of him telling five girls to "set aside all your inhibitions" as he gives his child brides instructions on how to please him sexually.

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The sentencing hearing for convicted polygamist leader Warren Jeffs continued Monday with prosecutors producing evidence of a tape revealing Jeffs giving explicit sexual instructions to a group of girls. Jeffs, leader of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, can be heard on the tape instructing the girls to "set aside inhibition and reservation. If given the maximum sentence on both counts, Jeffs faces up to years in prison to be served consecutively.

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He was sentenced to life in prison plus an additional 20 years. He is still believed to lead the sect from prison, Sam Bower a private investigator who has followed FLDS activities for 10 years told CNNalthough his brother oversees its day-to-day activities. According to CNNUtah juvenile court records are not normally available to the public.

The defense did not call any witnesses. Closing statements are scheduled to start at ET Tuesday morning. Each side will have 30 minutes.


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