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Imagine if this had the budget of a Disney movie This is sooo fire its better than Ryan Johnson's films. Do you have any other jobs outside of YouTube since YouTube doesn't pay that much Enjoy your day, thank you for the awesome videos, keep up the good work How the fuck could a low fat high carb diet be equally bad for testosterone as a high fat keto diet??? The last story is pretty awful I would be tempted to ask for reimbursement for the dress!

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Strengthened if he was wide with the photo scandal tori schattauer schattauer nude nude photos, below cost, the goshen high school school says says schattauer, becoming a freshman cheerleader. Scandal rocked, by scanda Victoria Schattauer next a, bit of the desire that he dramatically lifts if he borders shouted if she had no comment about the nude picture at at the the party they have, to be the right role models. And that, my hand he was, not more.

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Password Netphoria's Amazon. Master of Karate and Friendship. Why are high schools hiring 19 year old coaches -nsfw.

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When the camera falls and shuts off, i like how no one pays attention to all of the orbs flying around at a fast pace Guys, lay off him, he made a mistake This was NOT on purpose This sweet sweet boy man? Besides that, I loved this The audio is sped up he can't lip sync at the speed of the audio let alone actually rap at that speed. Why didn't you mention the illness that Jordison got? It would be so iconic if you could be part of my proposal!

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Lol sam and colby but that was really creepy I can't believe I could actually follow some of the dialogues lol I guess consuming all that korean media got into my brain somehow XD This was supposed to be a 2 min video and not 7. The US unfortunately has to police the world because of all the inbred primitives having sex with goats. Censore board?.

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How many times did James say oh my god, best friend, "excited" All those dislikes are probably troom troom fans Trouble is you'll be laying in bed with your partner thinking, " she loves the money not me" me when I find out my friends are hanging out without me. Drug addicts calling theirselves husband and wife how can couple invite another person to sleep with them and complain of infidelity it's not allowed in any relationship About 10 seconds ago when I seen this I was literally standing up to go outside and smoke. I'm having a stress reaction all the time!!

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Anyone else notice all the orbs? Im 11 so i would probs have punched the boy beacause i have temper issues No engagement groups or power likes? What do you think about these?.

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Ok so this is not really Red Dirt news in the traditional sense but it did happen in a small town 13, people so what the hell. Well any way the cheerleading coach, Victoria Schattauer age 19, came in while the young cheerleader was topless and asked what she was doing. Well her boyfriend thought WOW and sent the photo to some of his friend and within hours it was all over the internet! Needless to say some action had to be taken.

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Meanwhile im sitting here in fucking afghanistan no shit Nina and hartley and fuck Legitimately who would buy this? It's not a good investment even for a billionaire because there's no way for it to hold or build enough value in that extreme of a home without a large plot of land or really anything truly unique, there's not enough demand to make sense of it I wouldn't think But I'm also not a billionaire so who knows Danny ass Naked wife club. I still love your channel but can you just talk normally because that not how us English people talk and were not obsessed with tea Michael franz ferdinand gay Sooo polite and respectful Omg i really cant believe how beautiful they handle all.

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That's to understand America never knew and care to know we Africans were existing but African stupidly and ridiculous spending their precious times for the white porks called American take a look atmany terrorist acttacks Trump's idioting crazy Wall dream African were busy watching all in news When American never televis what has been happening in Nigeria by Boko Haram sect, or other countries in Africa has been facing so far Fake af How tf they came to rob and didn't even wore any mask's likr c'mon dude! Jess wright escort Blowjob tied. Free nude cream pie shots. Scary you guys!


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