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However, there are risks to be aware of. The waterfall of your shower can encourage you and your partner to get close — and we mean really close. Showers give you a great opportunity to test out standing positions that you might not be able to do when having sex on a bed or couch.

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The summer is in full swing, with temperatures heating up all across the country. And when you're pregnant, the extra weight and hormones can make you feel hotter. If ice cream and air conditioning aren't giving you enough relief, you may have considered taking a dip in the pool with your partner — clothing optional, of course.

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Despite Morton's years of clinical expertise his opinion would not survive the rigours of evidence based guidelines and at best would be graded as level 4, if at all. So is his assumption that sexual encounters while on holiday tend to be between people of the same nationality correct? What are the implications of international mixing on the risk of acquiring sexually transmitted infections?

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If you have recently given birth by cesarean sectionalso known as a c-section, you might have questions about how and when to resume your sex life. You may assume that since you did not have a vaginal birth that you can have sex right away—this is not true, though it is a common misunderstanding. Your doctor or midwife will want to ensure that your incision is healing well and that your postpartum bleeding has stopped. Many women and their partners believe that they will be able to have sex right away since they had a c-section.

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I don't mind, but I would like to know if there are any health dangers, Doctor? Also, is it legal? A Some men are rather prone to getting carried away with the idea of making love in unusual places.

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You lie on the beach all afternoon and drink cocktails. And now, it's dusk and the beach is empty. As silence and tranquility settle in, you and your partner have a fun idea: what if you made love in the water?

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This article is a comprehensive take on aphrodisiacs. It covers all vital aspects of this controversial topic with the goal of providing clarity to and enlightening our readers. It will highlight the good and the bad so as to give you an unbiased opinion, which will hopefully be of assistance.

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Everyone loves summer. This is what make British summers so great. We talk about it all the time. Yeah, hot, sticky days and even stickier nights are thuh beeeest.

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There are many, many things that we have gently suggested you should not insert into your vagina. Little capsules of glitterfor example. Ozone gas.

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There's nothing like a sexy summer romance. But getting down during the dog days comes with its own unique set of hazards: sun rash, dehydration, bees. The good news: There are plenty of ways to take advantage of the warm weather and perv out in seasonally specific settings.


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