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It affects about one in every six couples, and researchers estimate about one in every three cases is due to fertility problems in the male partner alone 12. While infertility is not always treatable, it can sometimes be improved with a healthy diet, supplements and other lifestyle strategies. This article lists some of the main lifestyle factors, foods, nutrients and supplements that have been associated with improved fertility in men.

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Semenalso known as seminal fluidis an organic fluid that may contain spermatozoa. It is secreted by the gonads sexual glands and other sexual organs of male or hermaphroditic animals and can fertilize female ova. In humans, seminal fluid contains several components besides spermatozoa: proteolytic and other enzymes as well as fructose are elements of seminal fluid which promote the survival of spermatozoa, and provide a medium through which they can move or "swim".

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Worried about jelly-like lumps in your ejaculate? Semen comes in all shapes and sizes and on occasion, it can be a bit lumpy. If you have any additional symptoms this can be cause for concern, but in isolation a few lumps and bumps are usually nothing to worry about.

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Skip navigation! Story from Body. Even if you've never actually seen semenyou probably have some idea of what it looks like — it's whitish-grey and gel-like. It most certainly isn't yellow

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Did you know that the taste of your cum depends on the type of food you eat? No ways. Sexual satisfaction after oral sex depends a lot on how your semen tastes because no girl would want to feel pathetic after a sexual intercourse.

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The stars can say a lot about the kind of person you are in bed. While some of us hold our partners and others jump up full of energy, the one thing all of us definitely do is dart to the bathroom full of fluids to do some serious damage control. Your need for immediate gratification will have you finishing in no time!

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Can I get pregnant if I have unprotected sex but the man does not ejaculate cum? If there is even the slightest chance that you might be at risk for sexually transmitted infections, be sure to use a condom. For a thorough and up-to-date academic review of the medical and social science literature on emergency contraception, click here.

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If you have never tried it before, then you may be a little nervous at the idea of swallowing your man's cum. Don't worry! Before getting to the "How to" part, it's crucial that you read this section.

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The act of ejaculating is more or less guaranteed to be a messy one. That means you have to deal with a literal semen explosion pretty much every time you orgasm. Meaning, the question of ejaculation etiquette arises — where is it OK to ejaculate?

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The bigger you are, the harder you fall, and the bigger you cum, the harder she cums, too. The answer: a lot, apparently! Researcher Andrea Burri of the European Institute for Sexual Health realized women have a lot of opinions about semen in her clinical work and decided to investigate some of them. The study was recently published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine.


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