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T he last time I encountered escargots, they were served sizzling in garlic and herb butter by a French waiter. Now one is slithering up the bridge of my nose while five others are being stuck to other parts of my face by a Thai beautician, all secreting snail slime to hopefully smooth out some wrinkles and otherwise give me a younger-than-my-age look. That this latest addition to the global beauty and wellness craze — snail facials — should surface in the hills of northern Thailand is only natural.

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The very thought of these slimy suckers moving on the face might give you chills, but snail slime or mucin have ingredients that have anti-aging benefits for the skin. Could this be the fountain of eternal youth? In recent years, spas in Korea, Tokyo, and London are getting 3D and offering services where you can experience an actual live snail facial on your face!

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But are these alleged benefits enough to convince you to have a handful of snails sliding around on your face? That's what the live snail facial is all about. If there's one nation that has gotten the hang of this type of beauty therapy, it's Japan.

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Now we have seen our fair share of odd cosmetic procedures. In the heart of Chiang Mai sits a salon, this salon only homes one treatment for its clients, snail facials. The treatment involves placing snails on your skin.

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In the quest for transformational super ingredients that give skin youthful qualities and a celestial glow, researchers seem to have no bounds. Trekking to alpine regions for apples encased in immortal peel, diving to watery depths where seemingly magical algae sleep, extracting venom from poisonous reptiles, culturing lethal toxins, and collecting avian poop are all de rigueur in the name of beauty. The slime or mucus secreted by these little mollusks that helps protect their exposed bottoms against cuts, bacteria, and UV rays contains a potent combination of elastin, proteins, anti-microbials, copper peptides, hyaluronic acidand glycolic acid — all known beauty enhancers.

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A snail climbs to the bridge of my nose, leaving a moist trail of goo on my cheek. I can see its little eyes waving as another snail slithers up, racing to be the first to reach the peak. One slips, and slides in its own mucus, down my face and on to my neck, leaving goose bumps in its wake.

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Matthew Schulman. See if it worked! Matthew Schulmana plastic surgeon in NYC.

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I often wondered if I should collect them all and have them delivered to a school or laboratory, but never did. However, I did come indirectly in contact with snails through skincare. Snails excrete slime that serves as a protective covering from all the harmful elements of the world.

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Some women are willing to try just about anything to look younger. Even those who don't want to go under the knife find themselves with plenty of options for giving their skin a more youthful appearance -- botox, microdermabrasion, fillers, and Snail facials are exactly what they sound like: applying live snails to the face.

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The snails leave behind a trail of slime which is said to contain highly beneficial proteins, anti-oxidants, and anti-bacteria. As the snails move around the skin they leave behind a trail of mucus which is said to contain highly beneficial proteins, anti-oxidants, and anti-bacteria The snails are bred and farmed locally, fed on organic fruit and vegetables, and she has about 60 in total. The snails' well-being is very important to us.


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