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The Baltimore Colts had little to cheer about in when they compiled a record. The season saw them finish with an identical record but they looked much better doing it. Not so much on the gridiron, but on the sidelines.

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As a high school cheerleader, one of my favorite perks was the body. By senior year, I was a size two, and my prom dress needed to be tailored closer to zero. My extreme weight loss was simply the product of a suddenly sky-high metabolism and cheering at practices and games.

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Pantyhose sex cheerleaders. They put pantyhose on to make sure their tight asses look seductive, and let you see them under different angles. Age:

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Football is the most-watched sport in the US, but many fans are oblivious to the insanely sexist rules NFL cheerleaders have to follow. While these cheerleaders appear on the sidelines and on TV during every football game, none of them are as universally known as the likes of Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers. And so, the stories of the demeaning and illegal conditions the cheerleaders endure remain fairly unreported. More damning than just stories of these sexist mandates is the fact that many NFL cheerleading teams' handbooks have been made public, giving specific insight to ways in which the cheerleaders are expected to behave and appear.

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That is not dead which can eternal lie, and with strange aeons bring us some web forums whereupon we can gather. Moderators: BakhtoshEvilHomer3k. Privacy Terms.

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At the start of each new NFL season, I hold out hope that this will be the year when country singer Carrie Underwood shows just a little professionalism and class, and wears sheer nude pantyhose when performing the Sunday Night Football opening theme song. And every year, I call her on it. And the numbers, as reported by the likes of Forbes.

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They may not experience quite the same level of pressure or injuries, but NFL cheerleaders do have hours of grueling practice and extensive fitness and nutrition programs. How would you define the team hairstyle? Lasondra, New England Patriots : For appearances and game day, everyone is required to wear their hair down unless instructed otherwise. Our hair is never fussed with too much.

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Keep reading to find out about the life of NFL cheerleaders and 15 absurd commandments — including perhaps the absolute worst one on page 5 — they have to live by to maintain their status. The Buffalo Bills were especially harsh. Their Instagrams will be monitored by their bosses.

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What do you think of when you see cheerleaders? Unknown to most of us, professional cheerleaders have to put up with a lot of rules, too. They may all appear to have a sunny personality and keep smiles plastered on their faces as they spread cheers and warmth to every one watching the games. However, let us just say that these cheerleaders are experts at what they do.


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