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There was a day where cartoons were just for kids. However, thanks to the elimination of many Saturday morning cartoons and the rise of Netflix and other streaming platforms offering hour entertainment, things have changed. Adults have now become the target audience for many animators in modern-day television, with even shows geared towards kids having a lot to offer adults watching in the background, or in some cases, those without kids watching cartoons on their own time.

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Rather, notable animated TV series that are smart, satirical, and self-aware, where themes like the struggles of everyday living and existential dread are par for the course. These cartoons broke the mold when they came out with decidedly adult-oriented content at a time when cartoons were heavily marketed toward kids. While there are arguably better series today, the pioneers are still worth watching.

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Below, our list of cartoons with decidedly grown-up sensibilities. Also, they are animals and one sleeps on a trampoline. But that might not be too far off from how you knew them freshman year.

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Over the last few years, Netflix has jumped on board the animated series trend, churning out comedies, kids shows, and anime at a rate that makes us seriously question the need for anything live-action these days. Along with some critically acclaimed dramedies like BoJack Horseman and Big Mouththe streaming platform is also home to some lesser-known fare. Get ready to add some more titles to your queue because these are the best animated series on Netflix right now. After a decade boozing on his couch and sleeping around, Bojack tries to resurrect his celebrity relevance with decidedly mixed results.

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DIY Entertainment. Internet Productivity. While adult cartoons used to be limited to a few specialized networks and channels, the genre has now grown massively and moved into the mainstream.

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Fancy some comedy but tired of live-action? Then look no further! When you think of cartoons, it may not be adult content that springs to mind.

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Avatar: The Last Airbender See it on Amazon boasted well-crafted storytelling and crisp, beautiful animation set in a fantastic, immersive world centered around a dynamic cast of characters. It also spawned the sequel series The Legend of Korra, which should also be on this list if we had the room! Rick and Morty.

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Tops on that particular list include Season 2 of Big Moutha Netflix comedy series that somehow manages to walk the line between heartfelt humor and offensive subject matter; Castlevaniaanother sophomore Netflix season that improved on the first fantastic outing; and shows for the little ones like Vampirina and Spirit Riding Free. This rundown of the best animated shows for adult audiences includes some of what you might expect: super-violent, hypersexual, R-rated stories that are definitely not meant for the kiddos. While not a ranking, the following shows are listed in order of increasing maturity; in other words, feel free to watch some of the first few series with the kiddos depending on their ages, of course and make sure to give the last half of this list a wide berth if the little ones are around.

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This is a list of the best adult cartoons that ever aired, ranked by your votes. In the s, cartoons with R-rated humor became popular all over TV what with Homer Simpson and Peter Griffin and all and fortunately, that trend continues to this day. This list contains funny adult cartoons and action-packed animations.

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Big Mouth follows a bunch of kids navigating their way through puberty. From wet dreams to periods, to drugs — no topic is safe from getting the hilariously cringey Big Mouth treatment. If you watch it you'll be laughing your head off while thanking your stars that puberty is a thing of the past for you. This might not sound like your typical cartoon, but if you like satire and have a dark sense of humour, this is perfect for you.


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