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Don't worry about him. He's under my thumb and will do whatever I tell him. Some people worry that politicians are under the thumb of big business.

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A thumb dislocation occurs when the tissues, or ligaments, that hold the joint together are torn. The bones then move, or are dislocated, out of their normal position. This causes pain, swelling, and bruising.

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Thumb twiddling is an activity that is done with the hands of an individual whereby the fingers are interlocked and the thumbs circle around a common focal pointusually in the middle of the distance between the two thumbs. While it is an expression of at least a moderate amount of manual dexterity, thumb twiddling is frequently used as an example of a useless, time-wasting activity. Thumb twiddling is considered to be one of several useless activities such as opening and closing doors and checking to see if a lock is bolted tight. It's reported that thumb twiddling is common in individuals with obsessive—compulsive disorder OCD.

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Jetzt anmelden Einloggen. August 14, Cambridge Dictionary.

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Ian Wyatt doesn't remember the moment he lost half of his thumb. He was 1 year old, sitting in his family's driveway against the side of an exercise bike while his 7-year-old brother played with the pedals, pumping them around and around to make the wheels fly. Wyatt, unaware of the laws of physics, stuck his tiny hand into the bike's chain.

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After she arrives, she performs one of her first shows. But little does she know, an admirer sits in the audience. She hypnotizes him and draws him in, making him immedi.

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If you have a particularly strong gag reflex, this popular dentist's trick can help distract your brain and save you the discomfort and embarrassment in seconds. This isn't a new discovery, but it's one many of us hadn't heard of before, so we thought it worth sharing. If you're in a situation where something is setting off your gag reflex dentist's offices are one of the most common placesjust form a fist with your left hand, squeezing your thumb. The folks over at Reddit's Ask Science forum deliberate as to why this is, and they point to a study that shows it to be effective —not to mention lots of anecdotal evidence on the internet—but whether it's an effect of the nerves in your hand or just a distraction, it looks like it's a pretty useful trick.


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